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Need to get found in searches and don’t know how? We effectively boost your website on all search engines attached to your business, organically! Create the strongest online presence possible while connecting with new customers. Read on and find out how!

Cost Effective Search Engine Optimization

Cost Effective

Having a strong organic online presence is the most cost effective way of advertising online.

Get New Customers with Pixel Marketing Solutions

Get New Customers

Having a website that ranks well in Organic searches ensures that you connect with your new customers on a daily bases.
Massive Power in Search Engines

Massive Power

Creating a organic web presence will give your business an edge over your competitors. The more search phrases your business shows up for, the more customer eyes your business will have.

Why Not Just Buy Ads?

On a given search result page in Google, only 6% of all clicks happen on the ads – which means 94% of all clicks happen on the organic results! A much higher proportion than previous data from several years ago. That’s where you need to show up, and thats why we have the best team in the industry to ensure just that.

Services like Per Pay Click requires constant investment, maintenance, and manipulation. The moment you stop pumping cash into paid traffic, you lose all momentum. Organic traffic, on the other hand, is evergreen!


Organic Clicks

How does it work?

It All Starts With Your Website

SEO is not just about keywords!

Yes, keywords matter, but Google and other search engines have become much smarter recently. A great website is the foundation on witch we build your businesses online presence, and is vital to a successful business strategy! Title tags, heading tags, and meta descriptions are all important for your websites success. But in todays world of AI learning tools, search engines have become increasingly more aware of things like User Experience, UI Layout, and time spent on the website. By creating well written content, and a professional design, your users will be guided to where they need to go and get what they came for!

Did you know?

Around 50% of a websites traffic is experienced on a mobile device, making a mobile friendly website even more important for you and your business!

Analytic Goal Setting

Analytic Goal Setting

Our team at Pixel Marketing will run a full website analysis so we know what kind of traffic your website is currently generating. We will also look at things like user time spent, if they are on desktop or mobile, and what pages are visited most frequently. From there we will take those analytics and help set goals to maximize your businesses online growth.

What Makes Your Business Unique?

What makes your business stand out? Why should your customers choose you over your competition? Having original fresh content is vitally important to keep your business ranking across different search terms your potential customers will use. Having a blog section of your website related to your business will help immensely in improving your organic search position.

Get Social!

Your business Social Media profiles are important to keep updated with new status updates, photos, videos, and blog posts related to your business. This shows Google and other search engines that you are active with your business, and you will begin to move your business up the search engine ranks. Keeping your social media updated with new content regularly shows your customers that you are a expert in your niche and will grow interest in with your business.

Did you know?

If you dominate search results, it’s easier to dominate your market. Imagine if your business content appears on the first page of results for the top keywords in your niche!

Up n Up!

Once we tune up your website, run a full system analysis, optimize content and keywords, and keep your social media updated your website is ready to begin ranking (And probably already is!). From here the goal is long term optimization to ensure that your business continues to rank well.

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