Pay Per Click Campaign Management Service

Attract new customers with our Google Ad-Word certified technicians.

We work together with your business to target the audience that is most important to you.

Real Results

Pay Per Click Ads ensure you receive visitors from your advertising efforts. Whether you have a large or small advertising budget we can get you results.

Targeted Audiences

With the help of our Google Ad word Certified Technicians you will know your advertising dollars are targeting the searches that are relevant to your business and customers.

Fast Results

With systems such as Google Ad Words, we can generate targeted traffic within a few days of opening your account.


Why Pay Per Click (PPC) is important for your business

PPC Is Fast

Pay Per Click offers your business fast results. In most cases your business ads will be up in running within a few days, no need to wait unlike Organic Search Results.

PPC Is Adjustable

Other forms of advertising can take weeks or months to gain traction with your customers. With PPC you can adjust most click campaigns in hours or days. This provides us the ability to adjust your campaign according to market conditions; and your changing customers interests.

PPC Has Bargains

Sometimes, we can find “hidden” keywords for which the top bid is a fantastic deal. These are typically longer searches with highly specific phrases, that not everyone will have taken the time to pursue. PPC is a great option because you can generate highly targeted traffic to your site for a fraction of the cost of any other form of paid advertising.


What kind of budget can I expect results from?

You can set your advertising budget with Pay Per Click. We recommend a starting budget of $1,000/month plus management cost. Contact us today to get a quote!

When can I expect results from my Pay Per Click campaigns?

Once we set up your Ad Campaign you can expect to see results within a week!

Who manages and creates my Ad campaign?

We have a team of Pay Per Click technicians certified by Google.

How much does it cost per click?

Pay Per Click cost is unique to every industry and location, however the cost per click typically lies between $2-$8 per visitor. This is highly variable dependent on your industry.

Click below and discover more about PPC, discover the value for your industry, and how our Certified Technicians can help increase your incoming customers and advertising return!

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